Paraflex Wall Parasols

The Umbrosa Paraflex – Easy Shade

Shade creation has become a matter of a simple arm movement since the creation of the Umbrosa Paraflex. This wall mounted parasol is inspired by the human arm to resemble both its strength and flexibility. As the sun’s position changes throughout the day, the paraflex gives you an easy solution to let the shade move along. If your patio feels like an oven sometimes, this is what you need. Different shapes and sizes in canvases give you the opportunity to personalize your shade.

Wall Mounted Parasol

Using the wall mounted paraflex, you save a lot of space in your garden or on your patio. No need for a big base to be put in the middle of your free space. And, not to be forgotten, no chance to bump your toes! The arm featured in this umbrella is available in a classic 1.85m size or the longer 2.35m version. This gives you more than enough room to move it around and create shade just where you want it.

paraflex parasol

With this patio umbrella, your summer will be the best you’ve ever had. Because, how relaxing it can be to be out in the sun all day, it’s also very dangerous if you don’t take the needed care.

Sunlight Protection

We all know the occasional sunburn we suffered when our alarm clock forgot to wake us while sun tanning. Although painful, this is not the worst danger of the sun. Repeated sunburns can cause skin cancer, which is a deadly disease if not treated right and fast. You should never be out in the sun unprotected for a longer period of time. It might sound as a harmless thing to do, but it’s not. Certainly not for younger kids. Make sure you protect them the way you should. Especially be careful around water as a wet skin intensifies the rays of the sun and washes of sun blockers. It may seem to cool you down, but it still is dangerous.

It’s your garden, make it your own

As the population increases all over the world, it’s a real luxury to have a big garden at your disposal. Designing this garden to your own needs is a very important task. Make sure you take the time to visit some outdoor living shops and match all of your purchases. A parasol, shade sail, bbq set, garden table… These are all individual purchases that you need to link together to get a good looking garden.


Next up is gardening. Just like your house, a garden needs maintenance. Are you new to gardening? Then check out the basic gardening guides from the BBC. These are the perfect guides to get you started with gardening. Trust me, you’ll love it. It can be hard work sometimes, but it is hard work that pays off. You’ll be extra glad when you have the chance the smell the roses you’ve been working on all year.

Make a plan

Before you rush into things, make sure you got a plan about how you want your own garden to look. It’s very difficult to start and then change things around. Be sure you know what you want. Sketch out how you want it to be. Note down what plants and flowers you want to have and look up when it is their time to grow and when it’s their time to shine. Mix and match for different seasons so you’ll always have a good looking field.